Creative Roots

Creative Roots is a plant-based water product designed specifically for kids to help keep them hydrated. We had the pleasure of bringing the heroic fruits (the 'Sploots'!) to life, then set them off on their important mission of hydration delivery to the kids in need. 

The Sploots

'School Daze' Stills

High Five

Spot 2 'Hydration Inspiration'

'Hydration Inspiration' Stills

The Sploots


Vayner Media
Kraft Heinz
Technical Director.
  • Rhys Dippie.
Lead Animator.
  • Josh Fourt-Wells.
Character Design.
  • Josh Fourt-Wells.
Environment Design.
  • Josh Fourt-Wells.
Lead Animator.
  • Geoff Kirk-Smith.
Lighting & Rendering.
  • Gary Sullivan.
Concept Artists.
  • Jason Pamment.
  • Frankie Principe.
  • Chris Nelder.
  • Geoff Kirk-Smith.
Environment Modeling.
  • Ivan Lopez Pinan.
Character Modeling.
  • Horia Trandafir.
Character Animators.
  • Craig Baxter.
  • Blake Rainey.
Animation Supervisor.
  • Rafa Zabala.
Animation - Kids.
  • Hampa Studio.
Head of Production.
  • Helen Naulls.