EECA ‘Gen Less’

Gen Less is a new way of living. A shift in mindset. A decision to reimagine how we can live and work in more climate-friendly ways. To believe we can have thriving lives and get more out of life by using less energy.

Albert Einstein. Amelia Earhart. Anne Frank. Carl Sagan. Dame Whina Cooper. Eleanor Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt. John F. Kennedy. Kofi Annan. Lady Bird Johnson. Mahatma Ghandi. Malcom X. Martin Luther King Jr. Mother Teresa. Neil Armstrong. Nelson Mandela. Princess Diana Spencer. Richard Feynman. Robert F. Kennedy. Sir Edmund Hillary. Stephen Hawking. Wangari Maathai. Winston Churchill.

They’re all people who rallied, united and inspired humanity through adversity, world wars, racial injustice, social inequity and feats of the human spirit. They reshaped the world we live in for the better. And now these same people who defined generations of the past are lifting their voices one more time, to inspire people everywhere today to step up to their own defining moment: climate change.



Clemenger BBDO
Director of Motion Design.
  • Frankie Principe.
  • Alex McLeod.
Senior Developer.
  • Matt Wilson.
Stop Motion.
  • William Bardebes.
  • Weston Kofoed Clayton.
  • Tiago Martins de Oliveira.
  • Helen Naulls.