Sunbites 'Good Grows'

With our friends from Colenso BBDO we created the Sunbites village and ensured that the power of the sun spread warmth throughout our 3D world. We also installed solar panels on the roof at Assembly so that we could ensure that the power of the sun really did have a hand in creating this lush, animated commercial.

Character Design

Environment Design

Vehicle Design


Colenso BBDO
Head of Production.
  • Helen Naulls.
Technical Director.
  • Rhys Dippie.
Lead Compositor.
  • Rhys Dippie.
Animation Technical Director.
  • Geoff Kirk-Smith.
Senior 3D Artists.
  • Craig Speakman.
  • Alex McLeod.
  • Rhys Dippie.
3D Animators.
  • Katie Naeher.
  • Craig Baxter.
3D Artists.
  • Damon Duncan.
  • Marcos Felgueira Godoy.
  • Anastasia Fileva.
  • Bri Meyer.
Character Modelling.
  • Caroline Ng.
Environment Design.
  • Michael Shorten.
  • Dave Gibbons.
Character Design.
  • Kristian Duffy.
  • Josh Fourt-Wells.
  • Manddy Wyckens.
  • Tuna Bora.