Kura Moana

Celebrated New Zealand artist Lisa Reihana approached us to help her create two pieces for her installation at this years New Zealand Festival of the Arts.

We worked with her to create a location based AR experience - Pūrākau - which shows a giant wheke (octopus) in the sky overlooking the Wellington waterfront.  Created in Unity, we developed a marker-less tracking system to locate the artwork in the real world in a low-friction way.

As part of the same installation, we helped create Te Wheke-a-Muturangi; a huge inflatable octopus in the Whairepo Lagoon.  We worked with Lisa on mapping the design for this enormous inflatable.

Pūrākau App

Te Wheke-a-Muturangi


Lisa Reihana / NZ Festival of the Arts
Lead Developer.
  • Matt Wilson.
  • Elliot Stronge.
Lead 3D.
3D Artist.
  • Josh Fourt-Wells.
Senior Producer.
  • Clare Bone.
Design Director.